His secret hiding place had been discovered.

Good morning everybody (if it is morning for you!)

So, this is the start of the challenge and the randomly generated world has decided this as being the opening line of my short story.

Please feel free to have a go at writing a short story of your own using it and post in the comments. Would love to hear how other people interpret the words.

Happy writing! 🙂 x





3 thoughts on “His secret hiding place had been discovered.

  1. Since the comment section was not enabled in your first post, I decided to use this one as a “Welcome” opportunity. The prompt writing is a great idea. I do that weekly, too. Not only short stories, but various creative writing pieces. You’re welcome to take a look. There are also other great prompt places around these places. Hope you enjoy your journey here and unlock your writing potential even more.

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    1. Thank you! Oh, I will check that I thought it was…
      I will definitely have a look at your site. I’ve seen lots of prompts that are words to be interpreted in your own way. I quite liked the challenge of all the different avenues to explore with the sentence. I’m trying to make it not so obvious where I’m going with the story.

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