Hello everyone,

I recently started this blog and then realised that apart from my first blog post there was no place for people to go and have a nose and learn a bit about me!

I am a 27  year old Maths teacher living in Bristol, United Kingdom. For those of you who don’t know the UK very well its in the South West (so kind of down a bit and left from London 😛 ).

I have lived in Bristol for the last 6 years. Before becoming a teacher I studied for a PhD in Aerospace Engineering. So to answer the question I get asked by kids constantly, yes, I am a doctor, no, I can’t help you with your current medical problem.

I looked at wheels vibrating on aeroplanes, it was exciting stuff but I spent far too much time sitting at a computer watching computer code whirring.

But now, despite my love for Maths, I have always wanted to be a writer. I love reading and all my family laugh at me saying I have my nose forever stuck in a book.

Hearing the children I teach scoffing over the thought of reading a book saddens me and I hope that this doesn’t run for the entire younger generation!

Anyway, I am trying to write a new short story a week based on an opening line. You can get more information about that weekly challenge if you hit the categories bar on the right hand side.

Otherwise I may just end up talking about myself and what I’ve been up to. My Dad tells me I’m good at talking about myself so this should be easy!

Feel free to contact me, would love to hear from people, like-minded or not!

🙂 x