As the policeman pulled back the sheet she knew immediately that…

Hello again!

So, with the first short story under my belt my writing challenge is so far a success!

I have recently been a ‘forever starter, never ender’.  Basically, I can always start stories but never finish them! Having you fellow bloggers holding me accountable has meant that I have managed to break this cycle and actually finish something!

So huge amounts of love and gratitude to all of you out there.

Here is the second opening line, a little obviously dramatic for my taste, but alas I do not get to choose them. Short story to follow next Friday!

🙂 x

P.S Check out my sneaky new About page if you want to learn a bit more about me.

P.P.S. I will also be starting some blog posts with my various goings on. I have really enjoyed starting this blog and find myself doing things and thinking what a fun/interesting post it would make. Watch this space!



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